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About Shadowtusk Clan

LogoThe Shadowtusk Clan seeks to provide World of Warcraft roleplayers with a large, rich, and lore-abiding place to experience troll tribal roleplay in it's purest form. By obsessively following the many changes of troll lore since 2007, the Shadowtusk Clan has kept true to it's beginnings as a multi-tribal Clan guided by it's mission to unite the troll tribes under a single banner and rebuild the twin empires.

We hold multiple events each week directly relating to classic troll lifestyles that have kept the ancient race a dominant force in Azeroth before even the Titans traveled to the land. Competitive hunts for food, sacrifices to the Loa, and combative training are common within the Clan. Other events may relate to Clan plotlines that involve the entire guild. Outside of events the Shadowtusk Clan spends much of it's time in their home of Zul'Gurub with Clansmates as they advance personal storylines with friendships, rivalries, or rank advancement.

The Shadowtusk Clan began under the rein of Chief Karo'jin the first in 2007 on the Ravenholt-US server. In 2009 it moved to Wyrmrest Accord and has thrived since as the largest and oldest troll-only RP guild on the server. Most of the Clan's RP takes place in Zul'Gurub and away from capital Horde cities, providing more world roleplay to the server as the Shadowtusk Clan works towards a living city of version of Zul'Gurub, and remind explorers that not all places, even in the jungle of Stranglethorn, are safe to them.

In 2018, we are moving strong and hope to get even stronger. We have over 100 players in the guild with a regularly-cleaned roster and we are growing more day by day! New players and veterans alike are welcome to join our ranks and find ways to learn or grow through the immersive experience we try to offer, with a truly unique housing system, regular warpaths and cultural emphasis. Whether you are simply curious or have a vested interest in troll roleplay as a whole, we welcome you to come and try us out as we strive to work more with the server (and our guild allies like the Wolfmane and Windsong) in events like our annual Great Hunt and more! From A(mani) to Z(andalari), we are always willing to offer trolls a great home in the sacred walls of Zul'Gurub and a fantastic storyline to fit the new expansion in Zandalar! There are sure to be many twists and turns, not to mention big decisions..

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